Wireless Smart Led Bulbs – Philips Hue | Mansaa Smartshine | Syska Smartlight

1. Mansaa Smartshine (9w) :

Mansaa Smartshine


With Mansaa SmartShine APP for Android smartphones, iPhone and iPad you can control lights in your home. Its very simple and automates your lights with Mansaa smart lighting.

mansaa smartshine


With Mansaa SmartShine Bluetooth wireless & LED technology you can now personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors. And every single color is dimmable. Perfect for living rooms, porch lighting, parties at your home, cafes, hotels, bedrooms etc.

mansaa smartshine


Do you find it difficult to get out of bed every morning. With Alarm functinality you can set alarm on the light bulbs from Mansaa APP to turn ON lights automatically every morning.

Mansaa Smartshine


You can real time sync lights with your favourite music through APP. Play songs through any external music APP or Youtube and lights will sync automatically in the background.

Mansaa smartshine


You can add as many lights in your Mansaa SmartShine app and control lights in groups. Control each one individually or group them into different groups to control simultaneously.

amnsaa smartshine


PRICE : Rs.1,844


2. Philips Hue (9.5W) :

Philips Hue 9.5W E27 bulb

Hue Wakes You

Philips Hue will help you get out of bed, and start your day feeling refreshed. The brightness of the light increases gradually, mimicking the effect of sunrise and helps you wake up naturally.

Philips hue


Hue Energizes You

Philips Hue promotes your well being by letting you select the right kind of light for each of your tasks and routines, be it reading, exercising, or working.

philips hue

Hue Helps you Relax

Unwind after a long day with Philips Hue. Pick from any of the preset light modes in the Hue app and relax in the comfort of your home.

philips hue

Hue Gives you Peace of Mind

With Philips Hue, set your lights to automatically turn on and off, or set the lights to switch on at a preset time to make it seem like you’re home even when you’re not. With the Location Aware function, the lights can be set to turn on as you approach your house so you never have to enter your home in darkness.

philips hue

Hue Gives you Control

Philips Hue gives you complete control of your lights whether you use the Hue app, voice command or the Dimmer Switch. Hue will be your personal assistant when you want to set the right light for your mood or need reminders for important tasks.

philips hue


PRICE : Rs.2,200


3. Syska SmartLight (7W) :

Syska SmartLight 7W

Control your Light from Anywhere in the World

The Syska smart bulb connects to your Wi-Fi and lets you control every aspect of your lighting from your smartphone or tablet. This helps you with setting the light of your home as you want, from wherever you are.

3 Million Shades in One

With a single Syska LED smart bulb, you can choose from 3 million shades! Simply download the Syska Smart Home App, and move from violet to green to mauve while going indigo. Also with our color palette, you can easily and effortlessly change the colors as well as set brightness with the dimmable and brightness control. This smart bulb gives you the power to pick & change colors using your camera or a photograph.


Syska SmartLight 7W

Tones for Every Mood

This bulb enables you to not just change colors but also its white temperature – from bright daylight to soft, relaxing white via the Syska Smart Home app. Create different moods with various tones. Select the brightest setting to minimize eye-strain or choose the soft, warm lighting option.

Syska SmartLight 7W

Complete Peace of Mind

With the alarm clock feature in this smart bulb, you can easily set daily schedules. You can set the smart bulb to automatically start when it gets dark and switch off when the sun rises. In addition, to ensure peace of mind when you are away on vacation, you can schedule lights to turn on and off at intervals to give the impression that your home is not empty, thereby keeping potential thieves at bay.

Syska SmartLight 7W

Command with your Voice

You can control the light and manage your devices through Amazon Alexa. You can actually assign a name to each Syska smart bulb and communicate with each one on a first name basis via voice commands. To save on time and effort, you can also group all your smart devices and control them all with only one command. The Syska smart bulb works perfectly well with any Wi-Fi router without a need for a separate hub.

Syska SmartLight 7W


PRICE : Rs. 1,680

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