Duracell Power Bank

duracell powerbank

In today’s hi-tech world mobile phones have become a primal need of people and as the days progress so as the usage of these devices. In in a daily usage of a mobile phone there are only few which can last an entire day without getting their batteries drained. Here is when Power Banks come into play and are as essential as a mobile phone is you are a heavy user or you travel a lot. Even if you a basic user keeping a Power Bank might come in handy sometime.

Duracell has always known for its long lasting batteries and their superior quality. Its really surprising why Duracell did not introduce Power Banks earlier but still now when they have we have certainly been provided a superior quality product. Duracell batteries have always been best among all the other ones and although being a little more expensive than other batteries can outlast every single one of them. I remember that I used to have the ones with the meter which I used for my camera and those batteries did not run out of fuel for so long that I was blown away with their performance. So its evident that Duracell does not compromise in quality and performance of a product maybe that’s why they have taken so long to bring out the optimal product for us. So lets talk about the amazing features of Duracell Powerbanks.


duracell powerbank

Power banks have been known to mess up with your device’s battery either by overcharge, over voltage or other number of issues. Duracell provides you with 10 safety features which include protection against short circuit, over voltage at output, over temperature, over charge, output overload, over and under voltage at the input, under temperature operation, flame retardant case, dual safety circuits and cable loop protection. All these features provide Duracell a considerable advantage as no other Power bank provides such types of safety facilities which should be mandatory for every Power bank.


duracell powerbank

Duracell Power bank comes in three variants i.e. 3350mAh, 6700mAh and 10050mAh. While the 3350mAh variant supports fast charge the other two variants provide 2x Faster charging. Now a days large number of phones support fast charging and this feature of Duracell Power bank definitely provides it an edge against others in the market. Duracell claims to provide upto 1.7 x charges on iphone 7 with 3350mAh variant,upto 3 x charges with 6700mAh and upto 5 x charges with 10050mAh.  These are only for the iphone 7 devices and not any other Android or Apple device.

Duracell Power bank is also Universally Compatible as it can work with Android, Apple and most USB powered devices.


duracell powerbank

Duracell Power banks come with a Dual Charge technology so you can charge your phone and power bank simultaneously. This is great feature as most of the power banks do not support dual charge so you can only charge either your phone or the power bank a particular time. This might come in really handy while you are traveling or you have only a single charger or only a single socket to charge in your vicinity.


duracell power bank

Duracell Power banksare  flight approved so you can take them with you on your carry-on luggage. Also these come pre-charged so you dont have to charge it when you get it for the first time and can power your device instantly. Also being provided is The 3-year Duracell Guarantee.

Taking all these amazing features into consideration Duracell Power Bank definitely claims the title of the King of all power banks as its definitely one of the best power bank available in the market at this particular time. Although the price might seem a little high compared to other power banks but so is the quality and the features that are being provided. So shedding a few more bucks for quality or for you and your devices safety cannot be a bad choice after all.


3350mAh : Rs.1,149 


6700mAh : Rs.1,729


10050mAh : Rs.2,299




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